Kick start your career with us and we can help you grow! In our company you can start as a mover or customer service and move your way up to management! Contact us today for new career opportunities.

Our Team

In our company you get to build a connection with the people you work with  and your coworkers are like family!


At our office you have the tools to make life changing income helping our customers move to a new chapter in life.


Our company is more than ready to give a helping hand to those in need, every year Expo Van Lines hosts events in the communities in our area to help those that need it most.

ABOUT Expo Van Lines

Expo Van Lines is a company that is all about helping people move forward. We want to do that in more ways than one. The movers on our agents moving and packing team have all managed to do great things with their careers and it all started here!

“Expo Van Lines has been a huge impact on my life, I started in this company as a member of the moving crew, but after more than a year of moving furniture, I realized I wanted more, and to do that I had to take up the company’s management training program, and thanks to this company, I’m now managing my own moving team, and on the way up the company ladder”

-Adam Shultz